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Saint Albertus Magnus (Albert the Great)

AKA: Albert of Lauingen
Albertus Magnus
Doctor Expertus
Doctor Universalis

Born: c. 1206 in Lauingen an der Donau, Swabia (Part of modern Germany)

Died: November 15, 1280 in Poland of Natural Causes

Venerated: Roman Catholic Church

Beatified: 1622 by Pope Gregory XV

Canonized: 1931 by Pope Pius XI

Feast Day: November 15

Patronages: Medical Technicians
Natural Sciences
School Children
Theology Students
Place: Archdiocese of Cincinnati, Ohio

Born in 1206 at Swabia, Germany, Saint Albert the Great spent his youth under the spiritual tutelage of Blessed Jordan of Saxony, who inspired him to join the Order of Preachers.  He studied and taught philosophy at Cologne and Paris, where he became one of the most famous philosophers of his day.  At Cologne he was famous as the teacher of Saint Thomas Aquinas.  Named to the Bishopric of Ratisbon, he retired to dedicate his talents to writing and teaching.  He died in Poland in 1280.

Saint Albert the Great was a man of immense knowledge.  His works are voluminous in bulk and encyclopedic in scope: they include, besides biblical and theological works and sermons, treatises on logic, metaphysics, ethics, and the physical sciences.  His interests extended to physics, astronomy, chemistry, and biology, to human and animal physiology, to geography, geology, and botany.  This "Universal Teacher" stands out for his recognition of the autonomy of human reason in its own sphere and the validity of knowledge gained from sense-experience.  Yet he never ceased to regard the Scriptures as the fount of man's spirituality or true wisdom.  He was beatified in 1622 by Pope Gregory XV and was equivalently canonized by being declared a doctor of the Church in 1931 by Pope Pius XI.

Prayer: God, You made Saint Albert great by enabling him to combine human wisdom and Divine Faith.  Help us so to adhere to his teaching that we may progress in the sciences and at the same time come to a deeper understanding and love of You.  Amen.