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Saint Elizabeth of Hungary

AKA: Elizabeth of Thuringia
Elisabeth of Thuringia

Born: July 7, 1207; in Presburg, Hungary

Died: November 17, 1231 in Marburg, Landgraviate of Thuringia, Holy Roman Empire (modern-day Hesse, Germany) of Natural Causes
Her relics, including her skull wearing a gold crown she had worn in life, are preserved at the convent of Saint Elizabeth in Vienna, Austria

Venerated: Roman Catholic Church
Anglican Church
Lutheran Church

Canonized: May 27, 1235 by Pope Gregory IX

Feast Day: November 17

Patronages: Against in-law Problems
Against the Death of Children
Against Toothache
Charitable Societies
Charitable Workers
Falsely Accused People
Homeless People
Lace Workers
Nursing Homes
Nursing Services
People in Exile
People Ridiculed for their Piety
Sisters of Mercy
Teutonic Knights
Places: Diocese of Erfurt, Germany
Archdioceses of Jaro, Philippines
Jalzabet, Croatia

Representation:  Woman wearing a crown and tending to Beggars
Woman wearing a crown, carrying a load of roses in her apron or mantle

Saint Elizabeth was born in Hungary in 1207, the daughter of Alexander II, King of Hungary.  At the age of four she was sent for her education to the court of the Landgrave of Thuringia, to whose infant son she was betrothed.  As she grew in age, her piety also increased by leaps and bounds.  In 1221, she married Louis of Thuringia and, in spite of her position at court, began to lead an austerely simple life, practiced penance, and devoted herself to words of charity.

Her husband was, himself, much inclined to religion and highly esteemed her virtue, encouraging her in her exemplary life.  They had three children when tragedy struck - Louis was killed while fighting with the Crusaders.  After his death, Elizabeth left the court, made arrangements for the care of her children, and in 1228 renounced the world, becoming a tertiary of Saint Francis.  She built the Franciscan hospital at Marburg and devoted herself to the care of the sick until her death at the age of 24 in 1231.  She was canonized in 1235 by Pope Gregory IX.

Prayer:  God, You taught Saint Elizabeth to recognize and serve Christ in the poor.  Grant, through her intercession, that we may always lovingly serve the needy and the oppressed.  Amen.