Is God Changeable?

For Muslims, God is utterly unbound.  Nothing can restrict Him, not reason, not His own word, not even His own nature.  If God wanted to, He could ask Muslims to practice idolatry (or even to become Catholics!)

For Christians, God's actions proceeded from, and reflect, His perfect nature.  Because God's nature is reasonable, good, and true.  He cannot do anything unreasonable, evil, or false.  Such things would be contrary to His perfect nature.

For Muslims, God can do all things, without limitation.  He is not bound to do things that are reasonable, good, and true.  He could just as well do what is unreasonable, evil, or false.  He can change His mind as He pleases.  He can alter or contradict His former revelations at will!

This is manifested in the Muslim doctrine of abrogation of nullification.  The Koran teaches that it is no problem for God to "abrogate a verse or cause it to be forgotten" (Sura 2:106).  He can also "change one verse for another (God knows best what He reveals)" (Sura 16:101).  

For Muslims, God can cancel previous teachings or change them completely.  God's word does not have to be consistent; He is free to contradict Himself.

For Christians, God can do all things that are consistent with His nature.  He cannot make Himself un-exist, or sin, or lie, because these things would contradict His perfect nature.  Nor can God change.

A God Who can change is not perfect.  Perfection means lacking nothing, having no deficiency.  If God can change His mind, there are only two possibilities: (1) His second thought is better than His first, in which case, the first thought lacked something; or (2) His second through is worse than His first, in which case the second one lacks something.  Either way, God's thought lacked something, and was therefore, imperfect.

Imagine a man planning to meet friends at a restaurant.  If he isn't at the restaurant yet, then he must move, because he's in the wrong place.  If he's at the restaurant already, and he moves, then he's also in the wrong place.  Either way, if he's moving, he's not at his goal.  

Movement always implies a lack: either one is moving toward a destination he lacks or away from a destination he has achieved.

Like motion, change always implies imperfection.  Change is either into something more perfect, or into something less perfect.  Perfection itself does not change.

But God is infinitely perfect, lacking nothing.  Therefore, His thoughts cannot change; His words cannot change.  This is not a limitation in God.  It is an expression of His infinite perfection.

Questions to respectfully ask Muslims:

1.  Using our reason, can't we learn many things about a craftsman by examining his handiwork?  Can't we also learn many things about the Creator by examining His creation?

2.  One of the 99 names of God is Al-Baqu, The Ever Enduring and Immutable.  How can God's word be mutable (changeable) when His very name is Immutable (unchangeable)?

3.  Sura 48:23 says: "you shall find no change in the ways of God."  Sura 6:115 says: "Perfected are the words of your Lord in truth and justice.  None can change His words."  How can you claim that God's ways and God's words can change when the Koran clearly says God's ways and God's words are unchangeable?

4.  If God can do absolutely anything, without any limitation, what could prevent Him from commanding Muslims to worship the Trinity?  What could prevent Him from declaring Muhammad to be a false prophet?  What could prevent Him from causing Himself not to exist?  Why couldn't God do all these?  Can't He do absolutely everything?  Muslims can't say these things are absurd or contradictory or illogical, for their God is not bound by reason, consistency, or logic.

5.  Do you believe God is infinitely perfect?  What could He possibly improve; what could He possibly change?  Change of any kind implies imperfection.  What could He possibly lack to change into?  And if He lacks nothing, wouldn't any change be a move away from perfection?


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Father Frank Chacon, and Jim Burnham. Beginning Apologetics 9: How to Answer Muslims. Farmington, NM: San Juan Catholic Seminars, 2007-2014. Print.

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