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Rest in Peace


"Rest in peace," how much this says
Be free of pain no more to weep.
Find joy that never ends, possess
New life that here you could not keep.
"Rest in peace," and though we grieve,
Reaching for your hand in vain,
Our faith is such that we believe
That all of us shall meet again.

"Rest in peace," the drums are still,
The smoke has cleared, the battle's done.
And now forever yours to keep
The golden prize that you have won.
Against the sunrise on the hill,
Your colors wave upon the breeze,
With shield of honor, lance of truth,
You overcame with such as these.

No dirge of sorrow shall we play,
For one who goes to meet the Lord.
Could but we all be Heaven's guests,
As you receive your just reward.
Dear blessed sleep that merely marks
The ending of a holy quest,
Your gentle touch remains upon
The hearts of those who love you best.

~ Grace E. Easley