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Saint Edward the Confessor Novena
Feast Day:  October 13


Recite the following for 9 consecutive days

Saint Edward, you were born to Ethelred the Unready in England. When the Danish King Canute invaded England, your mother took you and your brother and fled to Normandy. There you grew up amidst the Norman court. Your mother returned to England to marry King Canute. When he died, the nobles of the country invited you to come back and become king. As a result of your upbringing, you tended to lean toward the Norman way of thinking and made a Norman Archbishop of Canterbury, which caused much resentment among the nobility, particularly Godwin of Wessex. You married his daughter Edith to stem this ill feeling. This was a Josephite marriage which had no heirs.  You died in 1066 at the age of sixty. Westminister Abbey was built upon your orders during your reign and you are buried there. Your brother-in-law Harold Godwin succeeded you to the throne.

Saint Edward, you were known for your extravagant generosity to the poor and needy, forgiving a man who had stolen from the royal treasury three times, saying that he needed the money more than you did. Pray that we may be as conscientious in our duty to our unfortunate brothers and sisters and tend to their needs. Saint Edward, you were said to have the
”King’s touch,” curing scrofula by the laying of hands on the sick. Pray for the sick of our Church, that they may find healing and strength in the Lord our God. Saint Edward, your journey to canonization has been viewed with skepticism and doubt; the thinking being that it was politically motivated. Regardless, God permitted your name to be raised to the altars and you live with Him in heaven for all eternity. Pray that we may become saints despite our faults and failings or maybe even because of them, due to our humility of heart and willingness to do God’s will. Amen.

Saint Edward the Confessor, pray for us!