Act of Charity
Act of Contrition
Act of Contrition II
Act of Faith
Act of Hope
Advent Prayer
Advent Wreath Prayer
Prayer After Surgery
Prayer Against Depression
Prayer Against Evil
Prayer Against Suicide of a Friend
Prayer Against Suicide of Self
All Saints Prayer
Anima Christi
Prayer for the Anniversary of a Deceased Person
Answered Prayers; Thanks be to God
Ascension Prayer
Ash Wednesday Prayer
Prayer Before Surgery
Bereavement Prayer
Christmas Prayer
Prayer for Commendation of a Body
Confiteor (Penitential Rite)
Consecration of America Prayer
Prayer for the Deceased
Prayer to Defeat Satan
Easter Sunday Prayer
Prayer to End Abortion
Epiphany Prayer
Prayer to Fight Anxiety
Prayer For Generosity
The Gloria
Good Friday Prayer
Grace After Meals
Grace Before Meals

Guardian Angel Prayer
Guardian Angel Prayer II
Prayer for Guidance and Help
Prayer for Healing
Prayer for Healing and Hope
Prayer for the Healing of Spirit (Special Intention)
Prayer to Saint Dymphna to Help Against Nervousness
Prayer for Help Against Spiritual Enemies
Prayer for Israel
Lent Prayer
Prayer for the Return of a Lost Pet
Prayer for the Military
Prayer for Those in Mourning
Prayer for the Nation's Election
Nicene Creed
Offering to the Holy Trinity
Prayer to Your Patron Saint
Prayer for Peace
Prayer for Peace in Time of Sickness of Others
Prayer for Peace in Time of Sickness of Self
Prayer for Persecuted Christians
Prayer for Persecuted Christians in Middle East
Prayer for Person Who Committed Suicide
Prayer for Police Officers
Prayer for Protection
Prayer for Remembering Deceased Loved One
Renewal of Baptismal Promise
Rest in Peace
Resolve To Do Better
Prayer for Safety From Satan
Serenity Prayer
Prayer for Sick People
Prayer for the Souls in Purgatory
Spiritual Communion
Sunday Evening Prayer
Sunday Morning Prayer
Prayer for a Sleepless Night
Prayer to Trust in God
Prayer for Unfailing Strength
Prayer for Unbelievers
Prayer for the USA