Spiritual Communion


By a rescript of November 24, 1922, the Sacred Congregation of Indulgences approved the following formula for a spiritual communion:

O Jesus, I turn toward the holy tabernacle where You live hidden for love of me.  I love you, O my God. I cannot receive you in Holy Communion.  Come, nevertheless, and visit me with Your grace.  Come spiritually into my heart.  Purify it.  Sanctify it.  Render it like unto Your own. Amen.

Lord, I am not worthy that Thou shouldst enter under my roof, but only say the word and my soul shall be healed.

(Indulgenced if repeated three (3) times: (129, The Raccolta, 1944)

Dear Saint Philomena, pray for us that purity of mind and heart which lead to the Perfect Love of God!

It was Saint John Vianney who said, "A spiritual communion acts on the soul as blowing does on a cinder-covered fire which was about to go out.  Whenever you feel your love of God growing cold, quickly make a spiritual communion."

"Go to the tabernacle in spirit when you are unable to do so physically, and there pour out your ardent desires, talk, pray, and embrace the Beloved of our souls, even more than if you had been permitted to receive Him sacramentally." - Saint Padre Pio

January 14, 1966 in San Damiano, Italy, the Blessed Virgin Mary said, "Receive Jesus often in your heart, for you receive Him alive in the Eucharist and Jesus is merciful to those who receive Him."