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Saint Veronica

Born: 1st century AD in Caesarea Philppi or Jerusalem, Judea


Venerated: Catholic Church
Eastern Orthodox Church
Anglican Communion

Canonized: Pre-Congregation

Feast Day: July 12

Patronages: Images
Laundry Workers

Saint Veronica, a pious matron of Jerusalem, accompanied Christ to Calvary and offered Him a towel on which He left the imprint of His face. This event is commemorated in the 6th Station of the Cross.

An Italian legend records that Saint Veronica cured Emperor Tiberius with this image called Veronica’s Veil and later left it in the care of Pope Clement and his successors. A French legend records that she married Sacheus, a convert, in France; accompanied him to Rome; left him as a hermit at Rocamadour; assisted Martial and brought relics of the Blessed Virgin Mary to Soulac, where she died. Some identify her with “the woman with an issue of blood” who was cured by Jesus.

The story told of this Saint has had a wide appeal to Christians over the centuries. For it vividly illustrates a truth that is relevant for all time and all peoples; the theme of compassion for Christ in His sufferings.

PRAYER: Lord God, You showered heavenly gifts on Saint Veronica. Help us to imitate her during our earthly life and enjoy eternal happiness with her in heaven. Amen.